Transferring RU domain – for non-residents are not so difficult

Since the publication of an article about where I prefer to register domains have passed in years. During this time, I learned a lot about new companies, resellers and nuances. Today I will share information on how to transfer the domain RU (Change administrator) for non-residents from the registrar R01. In general, as you know, change the owner for the domain zone RU – not an easy job, we need, as a rule, notaries, sending emails, and other chores. But first things first.

The first thing to do recorder offers R01 (and I also recommend) is to activate paperless transfer of the domain. With it you will be able to transfer rights to the domains through your personal account. As practice shows paperless work with is very convenient and easy. In general, you will need to enter into an agreement with the R01. To do this:

1. Download to your account to prove the identity documents: passport photo scans and registration.

2. The site registrar download application for service connection.

3. If you are going to (and can) bring their own statement to the office, then you only need to bring your passport for identification. Offices at R01, unfortunately, not so much – only Moscow and St. Petersburg.

4. If the opportunity to visit the office is not, then it is necessary to assure a notary application and send it by mail with a copy of the passport.

It is important to note here that the application may be certified only by a Russian notary. Then for me there are some unclear points. Whether we mean notary working on the territory of the Russian Federation, or just someone who can certify documents in Russian (with the implementation of the translation of the text or without). Recently, a friend of mine (non-resident)assured statement before shipping while I personally won`t.

In general, any chance to conclude the possibility of paperless transfer of the domain in the R01 you do not, you’ll have to act according to the general rules of RU domain owner change, which are described here. Nothing complicated here, in fact, no, you just need to download and fill out another application.

How to earn from the sale of domain names

In far “abroad”, this type of activity for a long time used to earn thousands of dollars. But if you go back to the post-Soviet space, it is worth noting that the sale of domains can bring quite a lot of money.

How to earn?

To profit from domain names can be like selling them (where the money comes once per domain) or by renting, which will have a steady income.

Of course, to sell the domain, it must be somewhere to take. One way – is to buy an existing or create a new domain that will fit under a common request on the Internet. For example when searching for popular songs, many will enter the word «hit».

By creating a domain name for sale, should understand that the potential cost will depend on the popularity of the segment of the market of goods and services to which it will be relevant.

Another popular way to invent the claimed domain name is the creation of a domain name based on the popular Internet resource, but with an error, which makes it unique and popular. The fact that many people type name error search engines. And creative Internet leaders, realizing the situation, began to create domain names in the form of the most popular names entry errors known search services. As a result, these domains have brought their creators rather a lot of money.

Another way to monetize human error, is to use the fact that very often Internet users forget to put a period after the letters www, as a consequence, the domain with the same name can become quite popular.

When you create a domain, will not be superfluous to consider the fact that often the search engines such as Google translate requests in Russian in Latin. In this regard, you can find popular Russian-language requirements and to make copies of them in Latin. If you have already decided on a name, register a domain name ua or in any other domain zone (com, net, ru, de) on the site of the registrar Freehost. Prices are quite reasonable.